Full Service Veterinary Hospital


Wellness and Preventative Care

We recommend and provide annual wellness exams, vaccinations, annual blood work, heartowrm and Lyme testing, fecal examinations and more for both dogs and cats. Please call and speak with one of our team members about scheduling your pet for an exam and create an individualized health care plan that's perfect for your pet!

Sick Patient Care

If your pet becomes ill, our experienced staff along with a state of the art in hospital laboratory, radiology and essential hospital equipment will diagnose and treat your pet.  Your pets diagnosis, treatment and quick recovery is our top priority. 

Surgical Procedures

Our experienced veterinary team provides extensive surgical procedures, for example spays, neuters, mass removals and much more.  Our Licensed Veterinary Technicians assist Dr. Fitzpatrick during surgical procedures and our hospital has state of the art anesthetic and monitoring equipment.  Our surgical monitoring equipment consist of EKG, Pulse Ox, Blood pressure and body temperature monitoring.  


Proper dental care is very important to your pets overall health.  Yearly dental exams and cleanings along with in home care are recommended to keep your pet healthy.  Our veterinary team is committed to providing the best dental care possible.  We have a high speed, ultrasonic dental machine to make your pets dental procedure the best it can be.  Please inquire with one of our knowledgeable staff members about getting your pets dental exam scheduled. 

Drug Free Pain Management

At our hospital we recognize the need for effective non invasive drug free medical care.  "Cold" Laser Therapy is an excellent, non invasive, treatment that reduces inflammation, reduces pain and helps wounds heal faster. Ask Dr.Fitzpatrick  about treating your pet that is experiencing: arthritis, tendonitis, post-surgical swelling, lick granuloma, hip dysplasia, disc disease, lameness, sinusitis, and many other inflammatory conditions.  

Nutritional Consulting and Weight Loss Programs

Please inquire with our knowledgeable staff about nutritional consultations and weight loss programs we offer.  We offer a "doggie" treadmill and "Kitty" exercise wheel.  They are not only great for weight loss, but lots of fun for both you and your pet!

We Now Offer House Calls

When you or your pet are unable to get to our hospital, we can come to you!  Please inquire with any staff member to find out what services may be done in the comfort and privacy of your home.