Pet Dentistry

For Healthy Teeth and Gums

Consistent pet dental care is essential in preventing periodontal disease, which can result in tooth loss and infections. It also reduces the risk of oral discomfort and eating difficulties.

Proper pet dental hygiene further prevents the spread of bacteria and inflammation to vital organs like the heart and kidneys. Prioritizing your pet’s dental care contributes to their overall well-being.

At Dr. Fitz’s Bayside Animal Clinic, we offer comprehensive pet dentistry services, including dental exams, cleanings, and extractions, ensuring that your furry friend maintains healthy teeth and gums.

Pet Dental Exams

During a pet dental exam, our veterinarian carefully examines your pet’s teeth, gums, and mouth, diligently searching for indications of problems like tartar buildup, gum inflammation, or tooth decay.

Additionally, we assess bite alignment and search for any abnormalities that may necessitate further treatment or preventive measures. We may recommend a dental cleaning to provide a more thorough cleaning of your pet’s teeth.

Pet Dental Cleanings

For cats and dogs, a dental cleaning is a thorough procedure performed under general anesthesia. Our Dr. Fitz’s Bayside Animal Clinic team carefully examines the oral cavity, removing tartar and plaque buildup and checking for any underlying issues.

Your pet’s teeth are then polished to discourage future plaque accumulation. After the cleaning, we closely monitor your pet as they wake up from anesthesia, ensuring their comfort and well-being until it’s time to go home. We provide detailed follow-up instructions and are available to address any additional questions you may have.

Pet Tooth Extractions

A tooth extraction is conducted under anesthesia, often done concurrently with a cleaning. Our veterinarian skillfully removes the damaged tooth, using techniques to facilitate healing and minimize discomfort.

Following the anesthesia, we closely monitor your pet’s recovery and provide comprehensive follow-up instructions and any required medications to ensure their well-being when they return home.

Schedule Your Pet’s Dental Care Exam Today

If you observe any indications that your pet may be experiencing dental issues, such as increased drooling or unpleasant breath, don’t hesitate to schedule a pet dental care appointment at Dr. Fitz’s Bayside Animal Clinic today.

 Dr. Fitz’s Bayside Animal Clinic provides pet dentistry for cats and dogs, spay and neuter, pet surgery, pet microchipping, and more, in New Baltimore, Clay Township, Anchorville, Fair Haven, Anchor Bay Harbor, Harrison Township, Mt. Clemens, Parsons Island, and the surrounding areas.