Pet Laser Therapy

Better Pain Management and Faster Healing

At Dr. Fitz’s Bayside Animal Clinic, we offer pet laser therapy, a cutting-edge approach that utilizes advanced laser technology to deliver non-invasive and medication-free pain management and healing.

Our experienced team applies a low-level laser directly to the affected area, which triggers cellular activity and facilitates tissue repair. This safe and effective treatment option ensures that your pet experiences relief and achieves an accelerated recovery process.

Pain Management for Pets

We care about your pet’s well-being, and if they are experiencing pain, we are dedicated to their healing process. Pet laser therapy offers effective relief for pets suffering from conditions like arthritis and muscle pain.

Through the use of advanced laser technology, the treatment penetrates deep into the tissues, reducing inflammation and enhancing blood flow to the affected areas. This alleviates pain and improves joint mobility and overall muscle relaxation.

Our skilled team will thoroughly discuss your pet’s medical history with you and customize the laser therapy sessions to meet your pet’s specific needs, ensuring a personalized treatment plan for the best possible outcomes.

This non-invasive and medication-free therapy brings numerous benefits, enhancing your furry companion’s comfort and overall quality of life.

Faster Healing

Pet laser therapy expedites the healing process, including surgical incisions, by stimulating cellular regeneration and enhancing blood circulation to the affected area. Laser energy effectively boosts collagen production, vital for wound healing and tissue repair.

By diminishing inflammation and alleviating pain, laser therapy enables a swifter recovery while reducing the likelihood of complications. This allows your cat or dog to heal more efficiently and resume their regular activities sooner.

Pet Laser Therapy at Dr.

Fitz’s Bayside Animal


Pet Laser Therapy at Dr. Fitz’s Bayside Animal Clinic

 Reach out to us today to discuss scheduling your pet’s laser therapy. We are dedicated to offering comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process and are happy to address any inquiries or provide the necessary information. Rest assured that you and your beloved companion will receive unmatched support and expertise at every stage of the journey.

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