Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery With Compassionate Care

At Dr. Fitz’s Bayside Animal Clinic, we understand the worry that can arise if your pet needs surgery. Rest assured; we are here to alleviate your concerns. Our experienced veterinarian performs safe and effective pet surgery procedures, whether a mass removal, abdominal surgery, or a spay or neuter.
Your beloved companion will receive the highest level of care and expertise from our compassionate team. You can trust us to provide skilled and nurturing hands throughout your pet’s surgery.

Pet Mass Removal

Dr. Fitz’s Bayside Animal Clinic offers pet mass removal, a pet soft-tissue surgery that eliminates abnormal growths or masses from your pet’s body. Our highly experienced team takes the time to comprehensively evaluate the mass, carefully considering its location, size, and other relevant factors. With this information, we determine the most suitable approach for removal, ensuring the best possible outcome.

During the surgery, your pet will be placed under anesthesia, ensuring their comfort throughout the procedure. Our veterinarian uses precise surgical techniques to excise the mass, striving for complete removal while minimizing the risk of complications. We monitor your pet’s well-being throughout the process, providing expert care and support.

Pet Abdominal Surgery

A pet abdominal surgery is an intricate procedure that involves accessing and operating within the abdominal cavity. Our veterinarian is experienced in performing these surgeries to address a range of conditions, including removing organs or tumors, treating intestinal obstruction, and conducting exploratory surgery to diagnose and treat underlying issues.

Rest assured that our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional care and expertise throughout the entire process, ensuring the well-being and recovery of your beloved pet.

Spay & Neuter

A spay or neuter surgery is a routine pet surgery to sterilize cats and dogs. This involves the removal of the reproductive organs and is conducted under general anesthesia. The incisions made during the surgery are usually small and heal rapidly.

Spaying or neutering your pet offers various health advantages and plays a crucial role in managing the pet population.

Pet Surgery at Dr. Fitz’s Bayside Animal Clinic

Contact us today to discuss scheduling a pet surgery for your cat or dog. Knowing that our team will provide compassionate care throughout the entire process, from thorough pre-operative exams to attentive post-operative recovery, you can have peace of mind.

We are dedicated to guiding you every step of the way, ensuring that both you and your pet receive the utmost support and expertise.

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